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Terms and Conditions

  • Receive a $20 Finish Line Reward certificate for every 200 points earned within 12 months. Rewards certificates are good on purchases made within Finish Line store locations, Finish Line inside Macy’s or online at Not valid at the Finish Line site at Macy’ Some restrictions may apply.
  • Finish Line Winners Circle cards are non-transferable and cannot be used to earn Rewards unless rendered by a Finish Line Winners Circle member or their immediate family. Must be 13 years or older to participate (18 years or older in CA).
  • Members must present their card at the time of purchase, or enter their number online at checkout, to earn Rewards in the Finish Line Winners Circle program.
  • All credits toward the 200 point requirement expire 12 months from the original purchase date.
  • When an item purchased through the Finish Line Winners Circle program is returned to a Finish Line store, for whatever reason, any dollar credits earned when it was purchased will be deducted from that member's Finish Line Winners Circle account.
  • Reward certificates will be delivered electronically within 30 days of reaching the required 200 point level.
  • Reward certificates can be delivered via multiple channels, but are single-use certificates and can only be redeemed once.
  • Reward certificates expire as marked on the Reward.
  • When a Reward certificate is redeemed and the item purchased is returned, the customer will be issued a store credit in the amount of the Reward in addition to any tendered amount, provided no additional items were purchased in the original transaction against which the Reward certificate could be offset.
  • Only one Reward certificate may be redeemed per visit. Rewards certificates can be combined with select offers. See Rewards certificate for details. Reward certificates cannot be used for the purchase of gift cards.
  • Members will not receive Winners Circle credit on shipping and handling, tax, and Finish Line Youth Foundation donations.
  • No cash back on unused Reward certificates.
  • Members may earn points and Rewards for online purchases after registering their account number to an online profile at or through the Finish Line - Winners Circle mobile app.
  • Users that register a new Winners Circle account online or register an account number to an online profile may view their points total online at and through the Finish Line - Winners Circle App.
  • You must have a valid U.S. mailing address and email address to join or to participate in the Winners Circle program.
  • Finish Line Winners Circle membership is limited to personal consumer use and excludes Diverters, Wholesalers, or Resellers.
  • Team sales or multiple sales with a discount approved by home office do not qualify for this program.
  • Employees of Finish Line and their families are not eligible.
  • Finish Line reserves the right to discontinue or modify this program, or alter the benefits at any time without notice.
  • When you present your card, Finish Line will keep a record of your purchases. We will use your personal information to manage and communicate with you about your account, and subject to the choices you have made, to use for special marketing programs. However, we respect your privacy and will not sell your personal information to any unrelated third parties to use for marketing purposes. To find out more about our privacy statement, please visit or call 888-777-3949 for a copy.
  • By entering your email address and/or phone number and/or mobile phone number, you agree to receive marketing (including email, mobile phone text messaging and/or voice messaging) information from Finish Line. Depending on the terms of your mobile phone calling plan, you may incur costs to receive promotional mobile phone text messages. All email, mobile phone text messaging promotions and voice messaging promotions provide you with the option of removing yourself from any such future promotions from Finish Line. You may also request to be removed from any such mailings by contacting our Customer Care Department at 888-777-3949.
  • The Finish Line Winners Circle membership is a privilege and not a right. The membership may be revoked at any time by Finish Line or its agents without cause.
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