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Effective as of: January 23, 2020

Invitation to Join STATUS

As a Finish Line Winner’s Circle loyalty program member, you’ll have the opportunity to convert your Winner’s Circle membership into a membership for Finish Line’s new loyalty program, STATUS. When you log into your Winner’s Circle account, you’ll have the option to change your Winner’s Circle membership into a STATUS membership. You can also contact the Finish Line Customer Care Team to make this change for you.

The STATUS Terms and Conditions would apply to your enrollment into and participation in the STATUS loyalty program. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT ENROLL OR PARTICIPATE IN STATUS. STATUS IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. 

What is the STATUS loyalty program?

With STATUS, members can earn Points on their purchases and apply Points to redeem different types of Rewards offered by Finish Line.

STATUS members are grouped into either the General Admission Tier or the A-List Tier. The STATUS Tier that you’re grouped into for a Calendar Year depends, in part, on the amount you spent on qualifying purchases that Calendar Year and the Calendar Year before*. If you qualify for the A-List Tier in a Calendar Year, then you’re in the A-List Tier for the rest of that Calendar Year and through the end of the following Calendar Year. 

The amount of Points you can earn on a purchase will depend on which STATUS Tier you fall into.


Calendar Year Spend

Points Earned


General Admission

Less than $500

Earn 10 Points per $1 spent

If a STATUS member in the General Admission Tier spends $100, the STATUS member earns 1,000 Points on that purchase.


$500 or more

Earn 15 Points per $1 spent

If a STATUS member in the A-List Tier spends $100, the STATUS member earns 1,500 Points on that purchase.

Accrued STATUS Points can be used to redeem STATUS Rewards in Finish Line’s STATUS Rewards Catalog. Examples of Rewards that may be made available in the STATUS Rewards Catalog include: Finish Line Cash, exclusive offers (such as discounts and free shipping) and exclusive or early access to products and/or experiences. Rewards may not be of equal value to one another.

Read the STATUS FAQs for more details.

*Consideration of amount spent on purchases in prior Calendar Year (2019) not applicable in the first Calendar Year of the STATUS loyalty program (2020).

What happens if I change my Winner’s Circle membership to a STATUS membership?

You’ll be placed in the General Admission Tier and your Winner’s Circle points and rewards will be converted for use as STATUS Points and Finish Line Cash. Keep reading to learn more.

What STATUS Tier will I be in?

If you change your Winner’s Circle membership into a STATUS membership in 2020, you will start in the General Admission Tier. You can move into the A-List Tier for the remainder of 2020 (and through the end of 2021) if you spend $500 or more in 2020 on qualifying Finish Line purchases. 

Amounts you previously spent on Finish Line purchases, and amounts of Winner’s Circle points and rewards you had previously accrued, are not taken into account to determine what STATUS Tier you fall into.

How will my Winner’s Circle Points convert into STATUS Points?

Your Winner’s Circle points will be converted into STATUS Points based on the Points scale for the General Admission Tier ― that is, every one (1) Winner’s Circle point will be converted into 10 STATUS Points. For example, if you have 200 Winner’s Circle points, then these points will be converted into 2,000 STATUS Points. 

What happens to my Winner’s Circle Rewards if I become a STATUS member?

Your Winner’s Circle Rewards will be converted dollar-for-dollar to Finish Line Cash (one type of STATUS Reward). You may use Finish Line Cash on qualifying purchases. However, any such Finish Line Cash will expire on the date the converted Winner’s Circle Rewards would have expired as Winner’s Circle Rewards. 

Do I receive a Welcome Gift as a new STATUS member?

To welcome you to STATUS, you’ll be able to redeem a Welcome Gift from Finish Line (no Points required to redeem Welcome Gift). Options for your Welcome Gift may not be of equal value.

Thanks, but no thanks. Can I stick with Winner’s Circle?

Absolutely. Your Winner’s Circle account will remain exactly as is and you can continue to earn Winner’s Circle points and rewards. The Winner’s Circle Terms and Conditions will continue to apply.