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Shoe Care & Cleaning Kits

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ForceField Customization Paint Kit
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ForceField Crease Preventers - Medium
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ForceField Crease Preventers - Medium

ForceField Crease Preventers - Large
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ForceField Crease Preventers  - Small
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Shoe Care To Protect Your Sneakers

Short of losing your kicks, there are very few things that are worse than spilling a drink or stepping in a puddle in a brand-new pair of sneakers. When you score the sneakers you’ve wanted for months, you have to protect those babies from damage like you’d protect your firstborn child. That’s where footwear protection products like shoe cleaning kits, water proof sprays & stain repellents come in. Brands like Jason Markk, Forcefield, and Crep offer a wide range of these must-haves, including shoe water repellent and shoe crease preventers. Water repellent products ensure that the wet stuff doesn’t damage premium leather and delicate suede, while crease preventers keep your kicks looking like new. Treat your sneakers prior to wearing, and put the anti-creasers in after every wear.

Shoe Cleaning Kits & Products

Even with plenty of coverage, your shoes might still get a little dirty—if you leave your house, it’s bound to happen. Don’t worry, shoe cleaning products have come a long way. From sprays and foams to quick wipes, there’s plenty of sneaker cleaners that can wipe away grime and leave your kicks gleaming. Fight back against stains and stop them in their tracks with a premium shoe cleaner kit from Jason Markk. Keep your shoes fresh no matter what when you use protection and cleaning products from Finish Line.