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How do I sign up for promotional email updates?

Need to stay up-to-speed on all of the latest updates from Finish Line? Our emails offer must-have information on exclusive offers, product promotions, and sales. 
You can sign up by:

  • Filling in the "Email" box in the footer of any webpage of (except during the checkout process)
  • Select the checkbox to opt-in to receive emails when registering for an account

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I signed up for email updates, how do I unsubscribe?

Just click the "Unsubscribe" link at the end of any Finish Line email you receive. You can also opt out of promotional emails by editing your email preferences in your "Account" online at 

Even if you opt-out of receiving email updates, you will still receive any transactional emails relating to purchases you made.

How do I avoid SPAM?
We only send email to individuals who have expressly shared their email address with us (often called opt-in lists). In case we have used an external source for communication data, we state the source of the customer data at the end of every message sent through the system. This indicates to the recipient how we acquired the recipient's information.