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Join the finish line affiliate program

Do you want to partner with a top brand? Check out the Finish Line Affiliate Program and apply to work with us.

What is an affiliate program, exactly?

An affiliate program is a network of individuals or sites that work together to drive traffic to a particular retailer (like Finish Line). If a sale results from one of those visits, the referring individual or site will receive a certain commission off that sale.

Why should I work with the finish line affiliate program?

We're glad you asked! Finish Line is a top retailer of athletic sneakers and gear with over 640+ stores in the U.S. and relationships with globally recognized brands like Nike, Jordan, adidas, Under Armour and more. But you probably already knew that.

What you probably didn't know is that Finish Line's Affiliate Program was a Rakuten LinkShare Golden Link Finalist for Best New Publisher and Publisher's Choice. Or that it's completely free to work with us.

Have you always wanted to work in sneakers and want promised pay with limitless potential? Of course you do! Do the work, do it right, and you'll get paid, period.

One last thing...this program is a partnership. We are only as good as our network so Finish Line invests in making sure our partners succeed with us.

What are the 3 characteristics our most successful affiliate partners always have?

Whether you have elite-level content or a never-ending stream of updates, the goal is to win over consumers who are overwhelmed with information and scarce on attention. In this day in age, the volume of traffic you get represents how relevant you are.

What is "work" to others is "opportunity" to you. Nobody needs to drag you out of bed in the morning because you already leapt out of it hours ago. You believe great work is only done when everybody is on board so you surround yourself with only the best, because you expect nothing less. We are only as good as our network so Finish Line invests in making sure our partners succeed with us.

No matter what you do, you always give it your all and never cut corners. Each and every project is done as if it was your last. Others may use shortcuts but you know hard work and doing things the proper will always trump that.

Ready to join?
How does the process work?

While the affiliate world may be complicated (we hope we've cleared up some of the confusion), the application process is actually quite simple.

  1. Check out our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions
  2. Sign up or Log In to your Rakuten LinkShare account.
  3. Apply to the Finish Line Affiliate Program within LinkShare.
  4. Kick back because you'll get a notification if you make the cut.
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