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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Take a look around the next time you're in public with a large number of people. Chances are, again and again, you'll see the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor everywhere. The unmistakably cool silhouette has been a mainstay in the footwear collections of people from all walks of life. From rappers and artists to the kid next door, the Converse All-Star has fans of all ages.

Dating back to 1917, the first iteration of the Converse All-Star high tops we know today is as classic of a sneaker then as it is now. Designed to be worn on the basketball court, this sneaker delivered lightweight comfort and ankle support with its high-top silhouette. It became known as the Chuck Taylor when the double threat known as Charles "Chuck" Taylor became their rep. As an early hoops superstar and grassroots marketer, Chuck Taylor helped to make this must-have shoe the legend that it is today.

Low & High Top All Star Sneakers

Decades and decades later, the Converse All-Star tradition lives on. These days, there's more than just the high-top version to rock. Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers in men's, women's, and kids' sizes come in a wide variety of hues, designs, and silhouettes. Ladies who like the look but want it a little pared down and want to be able to slip it on can scoop up the Shoreline version of the low-top Chucks, while heavy-duty high-top models in leather with lugged soles are built for men and women to wear all year long. No matter what the upper material or whether it's in a low-, mid-, or high-top, the icon that is the Chuck Taylor All-Star continues to thrive. Whether you're on your first pair or your 50th, you'll understand why these casual kicks are so popular the moment you lace them up. From men's styles to women's collabs and even kids' models for tiny toes, Converse sneakers at Finish Line show off a uniquely retro street style that can't be ignored.