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History of Converse

When you think about the year 1918, you probably don't think about your favorite sneakers that you wear every single day. And yet, shockingly enough, more than a century ago, one of the highest-rated, most popular sneakers of our time was in the beginning stages of development. The iconic, always in style Converse Chuck Taylor had hit the market and was starting to gain traction even back in the early stages. It wasn't known as the Chuck Taylor, but it was the archetype for what would soon become a timeless model.

Converse High Tops

Marketed under the name "Non-Skids," the sneakers were made of a canvas upper and a rubber sole, and were crafted especially for basketball players. They were the Converse High Tops we know and love today—minus a few tweaks. They would soon get a new name and a new face when Charles "Chuck" H. Taylor got ahold of them. A basketball player for the Akron Firestones, Chuck Taylor, soon wasn't just wearing them on the court, he also signed onto the Converse sales force. The combination of sneaker promotion and on-court prowess lead him to the helm of the Converse All-Stars, the brand's basketball team.

Chuck took the lead and promoted the Converse High tops all across the county. Eventually, in 1932, the sneaker was rebranded as the Chuck Taylor All Star Basketball Shoes. The sneaker was upgraded with the Chuck Taylor All Star patch, and the model began to fly off the shelves.

Converse Continues Its Reign

Today, these sneakers are no longer performance basketball shoes, but they do lead the charge as one of the most popular casual models. Converse Chuck Taylor high tops and low tops are a staple in the closets of everyone from trend-setting Instagram influencers to best-selling hip-hop artists. More than 60% of all Americans have had a pair of Chuck Taylors in their rotation at one point in time. Is there any sneaker more classically American than Chucks?

Offered in every hue under the sun, Converse All Star sneakers are for everyone. With men's, women's, boys' and girls' models, individuals of all ages can get in on the action. Chucks can be worn with almost anything, from dresses and skirts to joggers and leggings. There's a reason this sneaker is so popular: It's versatile, it's timeless, and it's ultra-comfortable. White Converse and black Converse are colors that thrive every season, but the bold newcomers—like leopard print—also make waves. No matter what kind of Chucks you rock or how you wear them, there's a pair for you right here at Finish Line!