Finish Line Youth Foundation


Applications will be accepted on a quarterly basis. The board of directors will meet one month after each quarter to review the qualified grant applications received during that period. The Program Director will make recommendations to the board about which organizations he or she feels best meet the mission of the Foundation, are most qualified to execute the programs for which grants are intended, and have the most impact on the kids and/or the community.

The grant cycle for 2015 will be:

Grants Application Period Review Period Grant Awarded By *
January 1 – March 31
April 1 – June 30
July 1 – September 30
Oct 1 – December 31
April – May
July – August
Oct – Nov
Jan – Feb
June 1
September 1
December 1
March 1

* Awarding of grants may be contingent on matching dollars or other stipulations that may delay the final grant dispursement.