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Women's Puma Mobium Elite Running Shoes(incorrect image)


Women's Puma Mobium Elite Running Shoes(incorrect image)

Get a little more spring in your step when you run in the technologically advanced Puma Mobium Runner Elite Running Shoes. Your natural movements get a serious boost from this revolutionary running shoe, which uses the savvy Mobium band, an elasticized band that expands and contracts along with your foot, while also giving you a little extra bounce and lightweight stability.

Unlike traditional running shoes that require your foot to adapt to the shoe, these advanced running shoes adapt to your foot for a more natural stride and foot strike. The Mobium band and Mobium Elite tech system work together to encourage foot strike efficiency and to promote mid-foot striking. Inspired by the foot's tendon, the Mobium band is the latest technology from Puma to help encourage a more natural range of motion without adding extra bulk. Expansion pods give you cushioning right where you need it for soft landings, while the adaptive design helps to maximize energy return.

Great for high-arched runners who like to train fast or race, these advanced Puma running shoes utilize never-before-seen technology that you won't want to miss out on.

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