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Shopping Online

How can I search for a specific product?

We currently offer three easy ways to look for a product online:

  1. Search by style number and color code
  2. • These numbers are located in our Finish Line Catalog next to the name of the product you are looking for (example for a Nike product: 307810 - 162). Enter this number into the search box and click the blue magnifying glass button on the right side of the search box and presto!

  3. Search by product name
  4. • If you know the name of the product you want, enter the style name in the search box at the top of each page, and click the blue magnifying glass button to find what you?re looking for.

  5. Search by department using the links at the top of any page
  6. • So "Men", "Women", "Kids", "Sale", "Fan Gear", or "Brands".

Will my local Finish Line have the same merchandise as the web?

We wish we could fit our entire inventory into all our stores but the physical limitations of physics make that a little hard. Fortunately, has everything found in any of our stores (except cleaning products), plus additional styles and colors that can only be found online. If you'd like to check if a store has something you see on our site though, you can give these two methods a go:

  • • Use our online store locator to contact that store. If possible, have the style number or product name on hand to speed up your product-finding journey.
  • • Check out our online In-Store Pickup program to see if your store has the item you are looking for so you can order and pick it up at your local Finish Line store.