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Not only will you be able to print your W-2 two weeks earlier, but you will also save the environment by choosing not to use unnecessary paper. Your printed copy will be a valid W-2 for IRS submission.

If you do not choose to elect this benefit, W-2’s will be mailed no later than 01/31/2012 to your home address on file as of your last check stub of 2011.

  • You will need to be registered by 12/24/2011 to be able to select the choice for an online W-2 statement.
  • If you have already registered in previous years, you will NOT need to login to the website prior to 12/24/2011 again to select to receive your W-2 statement online.
  • If you do not register or login, your W-2 will be mailed to you and will not be available online.

Click here to access the site and get your W-2 copy.

The site will walk you through different steps, and here is some additional information that you will need:

  • Registration Pass Code = FLMA-W2
  • The service = W-2 Service
  • Your name and social security number (This is per our records on your most recent check stub issued in 2011 — last in 2011 is PPE 12/24/2011)
  • Your Employee ID = your seven (7) digit employee number
  • Company Code from Box D = VUL
  • Your zip code = Per your address on your most recent check stub issued in 2011 — last in 2011 is PPE 12/24/2011
  • Tax Year = 2011

To NOT receive your W-2 in a paper/mailed format, you will need to register and/or login online prior to 12/24/2011.

If you experience difficulty accessing your W-2 through the ADP website, you may contact ADP at 1-800-422-9410. They will be able to mail out a reprint or send a copy to a new address. For any other assistance, The Finish Line W-2 hotline number is 1-800-234-5233 (x2301).

2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 W-2’s are available free through the ADP website. Should you need a W-2 from a year before 2008, you may request a copy from The Finish Line corporate office. The administrative fee for each W-2 requested is $10.00. The fee must be received before the W-2 will be mailed to you. You may also send your request in writing indicating the year requested, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and a cashier’s check/money order (no personal checks will be accepted) to:

The Finish Line — Attn: Payroll — 3308 N. Mitthoeffer Rd. — Indianapolis, IN 46235